Monday, November 6, 2017

Hidden Gems

Home is such a wonderful place. Since being home, we have been exploring our own backyard to find some of the most amazing gems in New South Wales. We have always talked about visiting the sand dunes in Stockton. It's been on the list for a while, but we've never had the chance. And my only memory of the sand dunes was visiting when I was very young, because I was born in Newcastle and lived close by until the age of four.  

Wanderlust + Co approached me to create some imagery with their collection, Falling Star. The collection is all about dreamy, celestial vibes, which I love when it comes to jewellery. I'm all about layering up in moons and stars, and that's exactly what you get! I immediately thought Stockton would be the best place to finally visit for a sunset picnic & capture some photos in these pieces.


If you like what you see, you can see more here.

This post has been sponsored by Wanderlust + Co. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Laurel Hill with Paypal

I’m constantly chasing adventure. 

Although I’m always visiting foreign places, I love exploring home as much as I can. Yes, that means road trips! 

Two months ago Damian and I headed for Laurel Hill, a place I’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the chance. If you’re not aware, Laurel Hill is roughly 5 hours South West of Sydney. The reason I wanted to visit is specifically for the Sugar Pine Walk. Here, you can take a walk amongst the enormous sugar pines planted in 1928. This species is the largest and tallest of all pines, and it’s something you simply have to see in person. 

We headed down South for two nights, one night in Canberra & one in Laurel Hill. One of my most asked questions when I travel is “How do you pack for your trips?”. While my outfits have become an important part of the storytelling and journey as well, I’m always about comfort. When I travel, I want to look good but always feel relaxed in what I’m wearing. 

For this particular trip, I pre-planned my outfits with the help of PayPal’s new Facebook Messenger bot Bae. Bae connects you with online retailers from all over the world, including stores from Australia and Poland, to Korea and beyond. She’s super fun, and asked you questions about yourself and personal style to help determine what places are best suits to you. 

For my road trip to Laurel Hill, Bae helped me to select pieces from One Teaspoon, a retailer I haven’t shopped with in a while, but definitely aligns with my personal style. 

I chose a versatile white knit to throw over the flowy dresses I’m constantly wearing, and shorts for a ‘chilly in Spring’ look. It actually snowed while we were down there so the knit was perfect, and the shorts were perfect for long drives in the car, as well as for Canberra weather. 

Bae was really great for pointing out places that I wouldn’t normally think to shop at, but definitely love their products. You can try out PayPal’s Bae via this link: 

Let me know if she helps you on your next adventure!

This post has been sponsored by Paypal. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Urban Weekender in Perth with American Express

Perth. It’s such a charming city, where the people are so relaxed and down to earth, and the place just buzzes at night with amazing food, drinks and laughter on every corner. It’s a perfect part of Australia to escape to for a few days if you feel like vibing with another crowd and experiencing something a little different. Or if you live there, you’ve got it pretty good! 

We were out and about in Perth this past weekend in collaboration with American Express, where we ate, drank, and shopped at some unique local finds. Why? For a sneak peek of the Urban Weekender presented by Shop Small which is coming up this weekend in Perth and across Australia where Amex Card Members can nab some pretty sweet deals – I’ll be sharing some of the deals we experienced below.

Bathers Beach House 

Located thirty minutes from Perth City, in Fremantle, Bather’s Beach House is the perfect place for your little nautical escape. Here, you can sip cocktails beachside under gorgeous brightly coloured umbrellas, or dine inside where the decor is super chic but also family friendly. We ordered the $15 Ruby Rose Cocktails, an exclusive offer as part of the Urban Weekender. We also enjoyed some of their great menu items to complement our drinks including the salt and pepper squid & sardines. If you like cocktails on the sweeter side, this one is for you. 

Deal: Ruby Rose Cocktail for $15 as part of the Urban Weekender

Ivy & Jess 

After lunch we needed some retail therapy. So we headed over to Ivy & Jess, a super cute boutique, ten minutes drive or thirty minutes walk from the heart of Perth City. Ivy & Jess stocks some awesome Australian local brands including Arnhem, Lilya, Rue Stiic, Kivari the Label, and a bunch more. They also stock some amazing homewares, including pots from Pop & Scott (see how cute they are below!). When you shop Ivy & Jess with the Urban Weekender & Amex, you’ll get a free indoor plant included with your pot. 

Deal: Free indoor plant with every Pop & Scott purchase as part of the Urban Weekender


Five minutes down the road from Ivy & Jess is Satchmo, because shopping is tiring, and you’ll definitely need to have a snack after, right? I would say yes to that - Hehe! 

Satchmo is a funky cafe located in North Perth. Fun fact: Satchmo was Louis Armstrong’s nickname. The cafe takes you back in time to a mix of the 60s through to the 90s, and really 
oozes the coolest vibes. The staff are also incredibly friendly! and the Shrimp Cocktail Po You Bagel has been brought back onto the menu for this sweet deal. Thanks to American Express & the Urban weekender you can get a super generous lunch for only $16. We had to share because it was a very decent serving size. I don’t usually order bagels, but this was a goody! The shrimp & crispy potatoes complement each other perfectly, and the peri peri mayo served on the side completes this dish in my opinion. So glad they decided to bring this back for this deal! 

Deal: Shrimp Cocktail Po You Bagel with Iceberg Lettuce served with a side of Crispy Rosemary Spuds for $16 as part of the Urban Weekender

Rochelle Adonis 

If you’re feeling fancy, but don’t want to burn through your wallet, Rochelle Adonis is perfect for a weekend brunch. Located in Highgate, the cafe’s interiors are intricately detailed, giving you that Parisian feel, and is a great place to meet your girlfriends for a catch up coffee. 

For $35, you can receive the brunch set menu, which includes a mix of sweet and savoury appetisers, brioche scones with lemon curd, and a small pot of muesli, yoghurt and fruits. The corn fritter & salmon appetisers were my personal favourites. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. For this deal, thanks to the Urban Weekender, you can get unlimited tea & coffee with your brunch booking over this weekend. 

Deal: Unlimited tea & coffee with your brunch booking. Available on Saturday or Sunday from 9am. Bookings essential. Mention this offer to receive this deal as part of the Urban Weekender.*

*Tarts pictured cost extra, not included in brunch menu

American Express is accepted at all these vendors, and so many more all around Perth. Click here if you'd like to find out more about how you can Shop Small with American Express and help support small businesses.

This blog post has been sponsored by American Express. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Disney and Typo make magic

When it comes to Disney, I’m an absolute nut. 

So naturally, when Disney approached me to share with you the launch of their new collaboration, I jumped at the opportunity (Yes, up and down like the little girl inside me). And so, I present to you, Disney’s latest collaboration with Typo, now available in stores and online - through my eyes. Some of my favourite pieces are the perspex clutch, with little gold Mickey motifs, I also love all of the 'When There's No Coffee' pieces because it's such a great meme, and of course the Mickey ears backpack - gah! The backpack is the perfect size, it's little and it fits exactly what I need, and I'm sure you'll be seeing it with me on my adventures for years to come. 

I grew up with Disney throughout my entire childhood and have loved it since I first saw Cinderella’s fairy god mother turn her rags into a beautiful gown fit for the ball. Maybe I was just little girl who believed in fairytales, but hey, I’ll wear that title proudly today. Put it on a badge, even. If there’s a Disneyland in the city I’m visiting, I make sure I go. I truly believe in the magical world Walt Disney created for us and I’m grateful that I’ve being able to experience and appreciate it in my lifetime, and I'm sure I will continue to in the years to come.

I'm also all about collecting things, and am obsessed with stationery. So I love that I now have Disney themed goods to contain my memories, thoughts and keep my constant schedule organised. I personally love memorabilia and connecting my personal items with my own memories. That's probably why I take lots of photos and polaroids. Something as simple as a makeup bag or pencil case can make me feel a certain way because of a memory or association with that piece, and I think that's why I love the collection most. My memories and thoughts of Disney have always been so happy and joyous, and the products emulate those feelings. 

I hope I was able to remind you of the magic of Disney through this collection today. 


This post was created in collaboration with Disney & Typo. 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Montenegro Photo Diary

Welcome to my Montenegro Photo Diary! 

We had the privilege of visiting Budva last month during our two month stint in Europe, thanks to Budva Tourism. Montenegro is a real gem! Before visiting Montenegro, I knew very little about the country. We flew in from Rome and stayed for five nights in Hotel Adria, located in the heart of Budva. Budva has so much charm, some of which can found in Old Town Budva, but the city really comes alive at night, and the people here truly know how to have a good party. 

Here are some of my photos from our trip & a little guide to what we did and loved. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

Old Town Budva
I've seen quite a few old towns around the world, and Budva's Old Town is definitely one of the cutest. It's quite small, but you can find a range of unique boutique stores, their oldest church, and the Montenegro museum. We had a guided tour of the Old Town, which can be seen in it's entirety in about one hour.

We also visited the Citadela, which has amazing views over the town and ocean. It's the perfect place to dine, and watch the sun set in Old Town. 

Montenegro Tour
We took a day tour out of Budva to see more of Montenegro. First, we visited the town of Cetinje to see the house of the former King, King Nikola. The house is now a museum and you can take a guided tour to learn more about the King, his family, and Montenegro's history. 

We then drove through the mountains to reach a spot where we tried authentic Montenegrin food, and also dressed up in the traditional attire! We ended the tour in Kotor, which is a beautiful town only thirty minutes from Budva. In the below images, you can see the view over Kotor. It really was breathtaking.

Montenegrin Food

Dukley Beach Lounge
Dukley Beach Lounge is a waterfront lounge bar with incredible views. It is the perfect place to unwind in the later afternoon and was only a five minute drive from our hotel. Since leaving Australia I had been craving Asian cuisine for days! We decided to try out the large sushi platter, fried octopus & saffron risotto. I had rather low expectations for the sushi, but after trying it I would definitely recommend it to others! 

Aman Sveti Stefan
Aman Sveti Stefan is a gorgeous five star hotel located just fifteen minutes away from Budva's Old Town. It's a very exclusive hotel built on a heritage site of Budva. If you enjoy privacy and want a five star experience, this is the place to stay. There are limited rooms so it generally sells out over Summer. If you decide to make a visit, make sure you book in advance!

Sunsets over Budva
The thing about Budva is that the mountains allow you to get amazing views over everything! We saw sunset twice from the highest possible points. I don't even know the name of this particular spot, but if you look up from Sveti Stefan you might spot a tiny church with a cross, on the highest point of the mountain. Just tell your taxi driver to take you there because that's where we were! 

We enjoyed sunset from two different spots in the mountains, and I would definitely recommend doing this as colours of the sunset combine so perfectly with the city. I also just love watching cities turn from day to night, and seeing all the lights come on.